Thursday, 22 September 2011

Star Tattoos For Men On Arm

Star Tattoos For Men On Arm
Forearm tattoos can vary immensely in size and design. The inner forearm or the outer forearm are the variations available under this category. Also read about wrist tattoos. The shoulder tattoo can be present on the front of the shoulder, on the side or even behind the shoulder (on the shoulder blade). Tattoos that are made on the shoulder are usually very bold and contain very bright colors. Read more on shoulder tattoos for guys.

Sleeve tattoos, as the name suggest, encompass the entire arm like a sleeve. The length of the entire tattoo is decided by the individual, but for it to qualify as a sleeve tattoo it should go around the entire arm and cover the whole area. Most common sleeve tattoos begin from the elbow and reach the shoulder, but some also cover the entire forearm as well.


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