Sunday, 11 September 2011


tattoos for girls
With that in mind, the most commonly chosen design out of the tattoos include the traditional red heart with the name of a lover written across it. Classic! Other tattoos include butterflies, ranging vastly in colour and size. Some may even include a whole trail of butterflies spanning over a certain skin area, usually the lower leg section. Roses and other customized flowers such as hibiscus and daisies and stars, a whole galaxy of them even, are also very popular tattoos in the market of today.

The shape of the female body happens to be so vastly diverse in curves and contours that tattoo artists have a whole range of canvas to choose from. Hidden places that are brought into obvious perspective through tattoos for girls usually give the best results. If the tattoo is positioned in the right place, tattoos can be very attractive as well as damn sexy. The most commonly chosen spot by the female population for the positioning of the tattoos include the classic lower back area. This area is not necessarily always displayed but then that is actually the whole point. Glimpses of the tattoos in this sexy spot of the female body is very appealing to the eyes of the beholders. The panty line is also very commonly embellished with tattoos , for instance a trail of starts. Other popular spots that give absolutely awesome results when tattoos are positioned there are the ankle area, one ankle area, along the side of the body and the area expanding from the middle of the back to middle of the waist line


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